Various Health Dangers in the Workplace

Photo by Samule Sun on Unsplash

One example is ergonomic problems. This refers to poor seating and lighting that can contribute to physical injuries due to repetitive motions. If by the end of the day you feel pain in some parts of your body, then there is something wrong with how you do your work.

Some health risks are also closely associated with the type of industry you are in. A long-term and low-level exposure of radiation for example, can lead to cancer and other ailments that are life-threatening. If you are exposed to such elements in your workplace, then you should have the necessary gear to protect you. The same thing goes for chemical-related jobs such as manufacturing. Since employees are susceptible to inhaling or absorbing these highly toxic substances, then the management should provide protective clothing, masks, and gloves.

Other kinds of risks are biological hazards. This happens when workers are exposed to bacteria, virus, fungi, and other living organisms that pose a threat to human beings. Most medical and health care employees are highly exposed to them and therefore should be protected in any way possible.

If you find yourself in any of those situations, then it is high time that you re-examine the level of protection you are given. After all, your body is your most valuable asset.



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Kevin Schmidt, LPC

Kevin Schmidt, LPC

Kevin Schmidt is a passionate safety professional, who strives to end all workplace injuries.